Remote Team Meetings 🙄

This is a meeting about yesterday's meeting

Remote Team Meetings 🙄

Good communication is one of the most important skills and especially in remote team environment, but seems like some companies think that good_communication == too_much_communication, and that's simply False. Let's see some examples.

Company A is a big multinational corporation. They hired managers and developers from another company to work on their projects. Manager is great and cool guy, and he organized daily stand-ups via Slack in asynchronous manner. Everyone can give their update in written form any time of the day in typical format Y/T/B (Yesterday / Today / Blockers). One retro and grooming session per 2-weeks sprint. Excellent. BUT, guys from the corporation, whenever some discussion starts on Slack, immediately say I'll schedule a meeting. Then people are talking 2 hours instead of just exchanging a couple of messages via Slack and resolve the issue. They end up having at least three 1 hour meetings during the day, scattered randomly in the calendar. The result - energy drain, lost focus and productivity.

Company B is a startup. Fast-paced environment, small agile team, quickly resolving issues as they appear. Excellent. BUT, there is one 15-60 minutes meeting every day at the same time + grooming and retros. If people happen to work on some task that is not a one-liner and takes a couple of days, they are going to repeat the same every day. The result - pressure and running every morning because you have a meeting, lost early energy and focus on meeting instead of creative work, with no too many benefits.

Instead of having many useless meetings, maybe it's better to have one meeting per week + planning and retros once in every two weeks. Maximum. Everything else via async Slack. You can always meet on 1 on 1 or group as the necessity appears because sometimes it's just better to do a quick call and resolve the issue. No meeting should last more than 30 minutes because everything most people hear after that is blah, blah, blah.