How To Ditch All Facebook Products 👀

Delete WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook.

How To Ditch All Facebook Products 👀
Make the world more closed and disconnected.

~ Facebook

If you are still wondering why you should get rid of all Facebook products — read this article first. It's interesting that Facebook's mission statement is to make the world more connected, but there is, actually, nothing farther from the truth.

Both Facebook and Instagram (bought by FB for one billion dollars) are centered around you, boosting your ego and making you more and more closed and disconnected from the real world and people around you. Perfect example of antisocial network that looks more like Chinese social credit system.

Let's not forget that, unfortunately, great messaging app WhatsApp was also bought by Facebook for $19 billion!

It's obvious that Facebook invested huge amount of money to get access to your data. Everything you do on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is tracked and monitored. You have zero privacy.

I know it's difficult to imagine not using Facebook services, but I promise you that after just a few days without them, you will realize that you, actually, have much better (and more secure) tools for communication. It's time to wake up!


WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton left Facebook after selling it to them, to create better and secure, privacy oriented chatting app Signal with Moxie Marlinspike, the author of Signal Protocol (that is also behind WhatsApp).

You can download Signal here, they have versions for mobile, tablet and desktop. It's free, open-source, there are no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking. They use end-to-end encryption, have all the features you need with additional privacy options like self-destructing messages.

The main challenge with this switch is that, currently, there are simply more people on WhatsApp. But in my experience, all important people in your circle will switch to Signal, if you ask them, to be able to communicate with you. For other, less important, people you can simply use standard call or email. Simple as that. Signal user base is growing like crazy because more and more people realize the importance of privacy.

After installing Signal, inform your contacts, delete your WhatsApp account from mobile app and finally remove WhatsApp from both mobile and desktop. Spread the word!

Another strategy for switching could be this: you should provide a roll-out period instead of cutting the line and simply not conversing with those people. Have both platforms for a while. Slowly let the floodgates open and ease your friends into the new platform, until they are comfortable. When they are comfortable, they tend to explore more. Show them the cool stuff. Then let them do the magic and repeat the process until your connections and their connections feel comfortable. And only then you switch off the old platforms.


It's not good idea, privacy-wise, to share your photos publicly. If you want to store and share your photos with privacy in mind, I recommend SmugMug or Tresorit.

Now, visit this page and delete your Instagram account. Finally, delete Instagram mobile app.


Reddit and Twitter are slightly better ways to discuss, communicate, connect, learn and read news. You can access them both via web and mobile apps.

It's now time to delete (not just deactivate) Facebook account (including Messenger), you can see here how to do it. Finally, delete Facebook and Messenger mobile apps.


Congrats, you've just said NO to FB noise and spying forever, now go to some fancy restaurant and enjoy your meal without checking in 😋