Goodbye, Mobile Phone πŸ“΅

How To Ditch Mobile Phone

Goodbye, Mobile Phone πŸ“΅
The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain levelο»Ώ of alienation.

~ Terence McKenna

If you are wondering why you should get rid of mobile phone β€” read this article first. Now let's get to work!

Computer for everything

Computer will become your main tool for everything. I currently use Mac, but plan to switch to Lenovo PC + Fedora Workstation Linux combo.

Internet connection

Install high-speed fiber optic internet and remove Wi-Fi from your home. It will be more complicated to set up your home lab, but will give you great possibilities and less radiation.

For rural areas you can use Netgear LTE modem, where you just stick your SIM card and have one Ethernet port to connect to the rest of your local network.

If your laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port, you can use USB to Ethernet adapter like Anker USB C Hub or Anker USB 3.0.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. is excellent service where you can get US number, connect VoIP phone or another extension (like their Communicator soft phone / app for Mac). Basic package offers 300 minutes in US and some other countries. If you are not in US, you will have to connect to VPN US server to be able to use those minutes. To activate international calling, you have to contact their (super responsive and helpful) support. One minute for international calls is between 4-5 cents. I also configured the system to email me whenever there is a phone call, SMS or fax. Even MFA text messages are coming, which is a great thing because usually they don't to VoIP numbers. You can pay on a monthly basis for your package + international usage. Don't forget to migrate all your services to use new VoIP number.

Now you have real telephone number in your home and laptop and can make and receive calls and texts normally. Without mobile phone!

Multi-factor authentication

I suggest activating MFA for all your services and use 1Password for password and MFA management. Migrate all your online and other services (like banking) from SMS MFA to 1Password MFA or email where there is no other option. If SMS MFA is the only available option, then you can use your VoIP number for verification. Yubico is another useful option if anything else is not available. I use YubiKey 5C Nano for accessing the corporate network protected by Okta. Hardware is almost invisible, always inside the UCB-C port and just by touching it your MFA key is generated. Now you don't depend anymore on your mobile phone for MFA.


  • Signal is my favorite.
  • Element / Matrix combo is another option.
  • Jitsi for video conferences.
  • Slack if necessary.
  • Email for everything else.
  • You also have your VoIP number for telephone calls.


It's time to upgrade your photography skills. DP Review is a great resource to start with. If you are really into photography, I recommend Sony a7R IV mirrorless camera with Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS zoom lens β€” versatile, general-purpose lens that start with a fairly wide angle of view and allow you to zoom in to a focal length traditionally used for portraits. You can optionally buy additional prime and specialized lenses. SmugMug for photo storage and sharing.


OneSimCard International eSIM is your friend. You can buy and install it in 10 minutes and have your mobile phone ready with data for travel. Travel is one exception where mobile phone is really necessary β€” tickets, maps, Uber, communication.

Swiss Knife

I know, I know, we use mobile phone like flashlight, alarm, books, etc. Well, check USCCE LED Digital Clock, OLIGHT Compact LED Flashlight and Kindle Oasis. And buy a nice mechanical watch.


Turn off your mobile phone, put it in a drawer and use it only as a backup and exceptional situations.


Better sleep, better focus, no mental-noise, no radiation, actually better / higher quality communication with people, present here and now and no more surveillance! The question is β€” are you ready?