Fuck IT 🐁

Fuck the rat race

Fuck IT 🐁
Make that cage golden, but it's still a fucking cage.

I said today - that's it, what's enough is enough! After 15 years of (remote) working in software engineering business - I am sick of it. What started as teenage passion, converted into a boring, meaningless, stressful work and rat race for money. I still remember when my university professor told us once - start making things now when you are young and creative, when you enter into the system and machine, it will be difficult to get out. I understood what it means theoretically, but now I understand it practically. He was right.

It's difficult to quit when you can make $250k or more per year. That's the main obstacle to liberate yourself. When I started contemplating on the idea of making a break, two years ago, I decided to start preparing for the right moment. I was patient, having long-term vision in place. Now, two years later, I can quit the race and live ~7 years (at the current prices of cryptos) without changing anything in my lifestyle. With a tendency, that to be 15 years in a couple of months.

What am I going to do? I have no idea. I plan to just relax, live for a while without calendar, without a to-do list, without alarm, without meetings, without planning, without knowing what day it is today. Travel, spend time in nature and family, live here and now, yes! And start exploring again my passions and potentially brainstorm private business ideas. For how long? I have no idea, and that's the magic!

If you are tired and sick of working with idiots and toxic environments, know that you are not alone, many people feel like this. So start planning and then when the time comes (make sure it does) - just say FUCK IT .!.