Ayahuasca 🌿

Shamanism and Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca 🌿

You know something is strange. You can feel it. But you just keep going, for days, weeks, months and years...

One day, when you are ready, she starts whispering to you, from the depths of the Amazon jungle — Come, come, I want to show you something. The message is so strong and you know it's time.

After drinking your first cup of the medicine, you are back to your place in maloca, waiting and thinking — What am I doing, with shamans and other strangers in a middle of nowhere, ready for departure to another world, am I crazy? But, you know you have to relax, completely surrender, let it go and be ready for whatever is coming, even death itself.

After just a few ceremonies, some things are apparent to you. This Universe is alive and intelligent. Also inhabited with many entities, spirits and energies. And they are talking to you. You are humble as you realize how everything is sacred and connected. You are astonished by magical songs icaros and how they drift you to another worlds, heal and teach you. The Universe is stranger than you could ever imagine.

You came with some ideas and concepts. And of course, with your ego. But maestro just keeps saying — You have to diet, you have to diet. You don't understand it first, but as you progress, your ego is crushed, you realize that Medicine knows everything about you, she knows you better than yourself, and she is showing you everything. She is pushing you to the limit, until you accept, forgive and clean yourself. Now you understand that by dieting, you are cleaning all the mess that has been accumulated. As you clean, things slowly start falling in their place and making sense.

She shows you what you are (and what you are not). You understand that you are (part of) Creation experiencing itself, evolving eternally, dancing and playing the game of life. She teaches you how to master your ego, to put it as a slave, not the master. You understand the great power of intention and thoughts. Now you are taking care of your thoughts because you know that's how we create reality. You always knew this, you just forgot, and she reminded you.

You make a contract with the medicine. Diet will test you. It is a wild ride. But worth it, you will receive gifts, if you are dedicated...

She walks you through the hell and shows you the dark side because that's the only way to reach Light. She makes a warrior of you. It opens your mind, so that you can connect with the Universe, and opens your heart, so that you can share the Light. You are connected again.

Thank You 🙏🏻